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Our client's satisfaction is a testimony to our passion and commitment to be the best!

"The trainers at OFP have helped to change my life. I never wanted to exercise but they made it fun and attainable. If it was not for OFP I would be watching my kids instead of playing with them." - Karen

"My golf game has improved and my knees do not hurt as much" - Kevin

"Thank you so much for all your kind words and expert advice. My road needed to change and I really appreciate all you have done." - Lisa

"I wanted to thank you for all your time and effort this past month at the Westlake rec. You are so knowledgeable and professional. You have helped me so much. I would have never going to the rec center to workout if I did not get this jumpstart from you. I now realize how important the correct form is when doing so many of these exercises. Quite honestly I would've been doing many things incorrectly and thereby getting a little benefit from my workout. You have such a great way of explaining things so they make sense." - Marilyn

"Do you want results? That's right talk is cheap. It's all about the results. "The proof is in the pudding!" This may sound cheesy but OFP isn't happy unless you are. I experience some improvements after just two sessions. I was not expecting anything until 8 to 12 sessions. Am I happy? Heck yeah, I'm happy! After all I'm writing this letter." - Dr. Darr

"The workouts are working! I have noticed an improvement in my walking and balance as a result of the workouts. I want to continue this improvement."

Every OFP Trainer went into personal training to help make a difference in peoples lives.

At OFP, it is our purpose is to educate people on what is holding them back, help them to rediscover the joy of movement and to create opportunities for them to THRIVE!

Here are just some  stories of how we are helping people get the most out of fitness!