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OFP offers strength training programs for all individuals regardless of age or gender. Do you want bigger arms, a chiseled midsection or do you want to make daily tasks easier? Call us today to see which OFP Personal Trainer is right for you.

"Strength is the energy to press  on in spite of the challenges you might face."   Christopher Reeves

OFP Strength Training

Strength training is more than just throwing heavy weights around and trying to get stronger. First you need to establish your goals, current fitness level and understand your limitations. Then you need to focus on performance and improving movement patterns. This will allow you to train effective, efficient, and safely.

Strength training can be used to improve athletic ability, lose weight, increase muscle mass, improve balance and more! If you are a student athlete, a weekend warrior or just looking to ease the challenges of day to day tasks OFP has a Strength Training Program for YOU!

Once goals, fitness levels and limitations are established you and your OFP Strength Coach will first learn to move correctly. This is by identifying where you are weak and improving that first. Strength improves naturally with better and more efficient movement. This also reduces the risk of injury as you get stronger. Think of it as improving your cars drivetrain, suspension and brakes before increasing the horsepower of the engine. Doing it reverse can be a recipe for disaster! Sure you can drive fast but can you stop or turn the car at higher speeds?

OFP's Strength Training Programs do not stack strength on top of dysfunctional movement patterns. They optimize performance, increase strength and reduce injuries. Call today for more information about how you can get STRONG!