Cleveland State University: Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science (2015)
Cleveland State University: Master's Degree in Exercise Science (2017) 

Strength & Conditioning 

Weight Management

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Phone: (440) 785-5521

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"Its not how hard you get hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward” - Rocky Balboa

About Sophia

Sophia is a life long resident of Westlake, OH where she has excelled in athletics and served as a model member of the community. Sophia’s road was not easy, which is why she is so passionate about exercise. Always perceived as an outcast throughout her childhood, Sophia sought exercise to cope with her anxieties. During recess, Sophia would be seen running laps around the playground rather than playing on the swings with her peers.

Her athletic ability helped her earn top honors in fitness testing, as well as the attention of high school running coaches. In high school Sophia shined in cross-country (5k) and track & field (2 mile and 1 mile events) earning the attention of top colleges in the nation by the end of her freshman year. Sophia is currently at student-athlete at Cleveland State where she is working toward Master’s degree in Exercise Science and serves as a captain on the rowing team.

Her passion for training others dates back over a decade. At age twelve, Sophia developed an obstacle course (think "American Ninja Warrior") her friends and family were to pass in order to gain access to her tree house. She created the obstacles, figured out how to perform each obstacle, and then coached hopefuls until completion.

Sophia has aspirations of becoming a strength & conditioning coach at the professional stage. As of now, she excels as a trainer and a motivational leader, instilling in others the internal motivation needed in order to achieve their goals.

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Sophia Kopasakis, cPT