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OFP Personal Training Services

Since 2006 OFP has been an innovator in the personal training world! OFP was one of the first to offer specialized personal trainers in the areas of therapeutic exercise, weight management and strength and conditioning. Since then we have expanded our services to strength & conditioning, weight management, senior fitness, functional movement restoration, health coaching and more. Our objective is to market specific skill sets of personal trainers to assure our clients are getting the best trainer possible for their goals and limitations.

All services start with a FREE consultation. It is during this consultation that we discuss in detail your exercise history, goals and limitations. The trainer will then perform a detailed evaluation and inform you of their professional recommendations and plan of action.

Sessions are sold in sixty minute increments that can be split into thirty minute sessions at the discretion of the trainer.

Revolutionary Client Experience

OFP employees aim to revolutionize the personal training experience. We approach every conversation as an opportunity to create and inspire positive and lasting change.  Going that extra 10% is habitual. 

We offer a no strings attached FREE consultation to allow you to test drive our services and see if it is right for you. Our goal is to get to know you and your goals and precisely show you how we can help.