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Muscle Activation Techniques improve the way you perform

Reduce Pain

Improve Performance

Improve Balance

Enhance Recovery

Increase Strength

Increase Flexibility

Golf Better

Play Tennis Better

Live Better

What is MAT?

A specific, non-medical system developed to aid in the assessment, improvement & maintenance of the muscular system.  By helping the muscular system work more efficiently, it will improve joint stability & increase your flexibility.  It is a non-invasive technique created to restore homeostasis in the body of people of all ages.

 In a nutshell, it is like cell phone service.  You may have a fantastic phone; however, if you only have one bar of service, how great does your phone work? The typical response is not great, but it works to a point.  MAT helps bring your “service” from one bar up to five bars.  It doesn’t matter how strong you are, if your communication from your brain to your muscle is not performing as efficient as it could, this can potentially lead to not performing at your peak or it could also leave you more vulnerable to injury.

Why MAT?

 If you have any stress, trauma, or overuse injuries, this increases inflammation in the body, which neurologically inhibits a muscle from contracting on demand. When this occurs, the body is really good at compensating and letting other muscles do the job of the muscle/s that are not functioning as efficiently as they should.  This is the short term solution that the body creates so that it can still function.  However, over time, that compensation pattern can turn into larger muscle imbalances and/or pain, or as MAT specialist call it, “having the check engine light go on.”MAT specialists use a systematic & objective approach to finding & correcting these muscle imbalances.  The side effects of correcting these muscle imbalances include increased muscular function (increased strength and flexibility), reduction in the bodies’ inflammatory response, and the possibility in pain reduction.

Who is MAT for?

EVERYONE!  Whether you are a professional, college, or elite high or middle school athlete looking to improve your ability to perform,  if your goal is to being able to walk across the room without feeling wobbly & unstable,  being confident in having the ability to be able to get off the ground if you fall down. 

MAT bridges the gap between rehabilitation and the exercise industry.  It can improve recovery time post surgery, and can even help speed up recovery time from chronic & acute injuries.

Nick Mosley, OTA, MAT RX Certified

Andrew Walters, CSCS, MAT Specialist

"Soon after implementing muscle activation techniques my clients were able to get back to walking or running further, seeing better results from their corrective exercises, competing at a higher level in their sports, and more range of motion and greater strength in their exercise programs."

- Nick Mosley


Cleveland Indians Veteran

Peggy 70 years young

Rick 66 years old