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Our Personal Training Story

OFP's foundation rests on a vision to redefine the standards of the health & fitness industry. For far too long corporate “big box” gyms have looked at customers as numbers, not people. Since 2002, founder and CEO, Jeremy Dancy has worked relentlessly to build a team of health practitioners focused on providing the highest quality service to everyone.

Jeremy’s epiphany occurred in 2001 while working for a large "big-box" gym. Though he was consistently recognized as a top performer, he found it discouraging he was being rewarded for hitting numbers and not helping people achieve their goals. Jeremy exposed the need to bring the focus on customer service and results of the client back to the industry. 

In 2005 Jeremy was granted a 6-month contract to provide personal training services at the Westlake Recreation Center. With his focus now on customer service, Jeremy experienced rapid growth with his schedule exceeding 100 sessions per week in a matter of months. Jeremy recognized the need for additional help, prompting the addition Barry Sheppard. With the addition of Barry, Official FitnessPro (OFP) was born! 

By 2011, OFP had grown to a 10-person team and had opened their own studio in Rocky River. After maintaining 20% growth annually and being recognized as a premiere personal training practice, Jeremy was selected to participate in Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program.  

 Through the program, Jeremy gained practical skills in topics such as negotiation, marketing, and employee management. In addition, he recognized that in order to take the business to the next level, he had to surround himself with people that make his weaknesses irrelevant, triggering Jeremy to hire Paul Maynard.

In 2015, Jeremy and company embarked on a journey to design the organization from the ground up. Utilizing Appreciative Inquiry (AI), and studying moments of excellence, periods of exceptional competence and performance, OFP was able to locate, highlight, and illuminate the life-giving forces of the organization’s existence. 

 With the help of AI, OFP discovered it’s most effective practices, strengths, and best qualities, which if properly utilized could increase the vitality and effectiveness of the organization and ensure success of OFP going into the future.

With its sturdy foundation, understanding of the core factors that give life to the organization, and clarity of its mission, Jeremy and company spent nearly 10 months relentlessly plotting and crafting the road map for OFP to follow. In July 2016 and the transformation complete, Jeremy is proud to announce the rebirth of his vision with the inception of OFP Health & Fitness.

Our Purpose

At OFP, it is our purpose is to educate people on what is holding them back, help them to rediscover the joy of movement and to create opportunities for our them to THRIVE!

Jeremy Dancy


​OFP's Personal Training Mission

It is the mission of OFP to redefine the standards of the health and fitness industry with its revolutionary customer experience and team approach.

We commit ourselves to surpass our competitors in quality and value by educating, inspiring, and empowering all of our stakeholders to fulfill their highest potential.

We are known for our passion for the industry, adaptability, and leadership in the community. We are the company people and organizations turn to for health & fitness.​​