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                   Core Values:

Authentic Relationships – We value the diversity of people and their opinions
Quality Over Quantity – We provide compassionate care
Desire to Learn – We pursuit greatness
Willing to WOW – We desire to go the extra mile
Appreciation – We are not here without you
Lead by Example – We practice what we preach

Our Purpose

At OFP, it is our purpose is to educate people on what is holding them back, help them to rediscover the joy of movement and to create opportunities for our them to THRIVE!

                 Core Strengths:

Knowledge & Skills – World class education and experience
Adaptability – Versatility on the floor
Awareness – Understanding of emotions and environment
Team Approach – Sharing of knowledge and client
Provider of Options – Specialty of trainer, variety of activity and equipment
Buoyancy – Optimistic, enthusiastic & resilient 

​OFP's Mission

It is the mission of OFP to redefine the standards of the health and fitness industry with its revolutionary customer experience and team approach.

We commit ourselves to surpass our competitors in quality and value by educating, inspiring, and empowering all of our stakeholders to fulfill their highest potential.

We are known for our passion for the industry, adaptability, and leadership in the community. We are the company people and organizations turn to for health & fitness.​​