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What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is the process of helping people identify and achieve personal goals. Profoundly different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling; the coaching process focuses more on discovering your "real self" and living authentically.

Knowledge and understanding of our "real self" is perhaps the most priceless possession we can have. Our core strengths and values are the principles that guide us into the unknown; they enable us to make certain we choose the "right" job or career, the "right" relationships, or the most optimal future. Having a sense of purpose, feeling that our life has significance, and living for our passions, is what transcends to lifetime fulfillment and lasting legacies.

Understanding our true identity allows us to live authentically, rather than someone that others want you to be. There are many external forces that try to dictate how we live our lives, but happiness, serenity, and personal growth are only possible to find when we are living as ourselves - not as mere byproducts of others' desires.

OFP’s Life Coaching model can help you find satisfaction in the following areas:

Spirituality: How connected are you to the inner and outer world? Are you satisfied with your relationship with your spiritual being?

Relationship: Are your relationships inspirational and nurturing?

Social & Friends: Are your friends supportive of you? Are you engaging friends and socializing to your satisfaction levels?

Family: Is your family supportive of you? Are you supportive of your family?

Self: Do you love and accept yourself?

Business, Career & Studies: Is your career where you want it to be by now? Are you heading in the right direction? Does your work reflect your values and utilize your strengths?

Finance & Wealth: Does your income satisfy your current needs? Are you financial setup for future growth in wealth? Do you need help developing financial discipline?

Health & Fitness: How physically healthy are you? Are you satisfied with your level of fitness? Are you satisfied with your diet? Do your limitations control you?

Physical Environment: Do your surroundings allow you to flourish? Do they inspire you and tap into your imagination? Or do your environments and circumstances make you feel trapped and hinder your creativity?

Fun & Recreation: Are you enjoying your life and making it fun? Are you satisfied with the level of activity that you do?

Personal Growth & Development: How focused are you on personal growth? Are you satisfied with your direction? Are you trying new experiences and seeking to learn? Do you think of your abilities highly? Do you respect and love yourself? Do you appreciate yourself? Are you alive and moving forward? Are you evolving toward your full capacity?

Change is never easy, whether you're trying to change a behavior, an attitude, or your current circumstances. Change is especially tough if you haven't wholly bought into it or it doesn't fully align with your aspirations.

The Intentional Change Theory is a 5 step framework designed to help create a personalized change plan grounded with your own unique strengths, weaknesses, learning styles, dreams, and support networks.

The 5 steps to Intentional Change:

Discover your ideal self.

Discover your real self.

Create your learning agenda.

Experiment with and practice new habits.

Get support.

Paul Maynard