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OFP Health Coaching is the use of evidence-based skillful conversation, interventions and strategies to actively and safely engage clients in healthy behavioral change and exercise compliance. Health coaches are certified to safely guide clients who may have struggled with weight loss, maintaining an exercise regimen, or adopting an overall healthier lifestyle. OFP takes it one step forward by providing a community of support through peer support, group exercise (coming soon) and expert personal training. Below are some of the steps you and your OFP Health Coach may cover.

Establish the Relationship

The process begins with establishing rapport and a relationship. Building a strong relationship is key to building trust with your OFP Health Coach. You will notice that your OFP Health Coach is warm and empathetic to your cause.

Motivational Interviewing

Once a relationship is established you and your OFP Health Coach will dive into your goals, your struggles and the your vision of a healthier happier you. This interview will focus on the present and not the past.

Establishing a Vision of Health

You and your OFP Health Coach will establish a vision of your highest potential and can include physical, emotional, social, spiritual and financial areas of your life.  Your vision will empower you to see new possibilities along with a specific and clear direction. It allows a you to activate your imagination and then think, feel, speak and ultimately see the manifestation of your highest potential.

Guiding the Agenda and Goals Setting

​During the motivational interviewing process, after strengths, values and desires are determined and the your vision is set in place, specific goals are safely set so you are able to move in the direction of your new desires. Tracking progress, establishing barriers, promoting success and socials support to improve your self efficiency and produce results.

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