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What is Functional Movement Restoration?

Functional Movement Restoration begins with the careful evaluation that assesses and individual's balance, core strength and active range of motion. During the assessment the trainer will discover where the client needs to focus and what exercises they need to incorporate to restore range of motion and limit the chance of injury.

Why is functional movement important?

The human body is prone to muscle imbalance. This is due to repetitive motions, training form, injuries, stress, poor training habits, and the flexion biased (moving forward) nature of the daily activities and gravity.

Overtime these muscle imbalances can become more prominent, eventually leading to arthritic pain, joint erosion and other neurological and orthopedic concerns.

Who benefits from Functional Movement Restoration Program?

Beginners and individuals with limitations or concerns relating to exercise can benefit tremendously for a Functional Movement Restoration Program.

Too often as professionals we see people just jump into an exercise program. After years of just going to work or decades of dealing with joint pain people go to the gym and simply jump on a treadmill or guess at which machine should I use for strength training.

The human body is more complicated than that.....people need to learn what is best for them and where they should start. Functional Movement Restoration gives an individual the opportunity to know and understand their current fitness level and how to successfully attain goals and train around limitations.

Functional Movement Restoration


Improved range of motion

Increased strength and power

Decreased pain or discomfort

Improved performance and ability

Ideal for anyone wishing to rediscover the way they use to move. Take back you fitness.