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OFP Fitness Management Personal Training Programs

OFP understands that health and happiness is about habits and lifestyle. Our body fat and our weight is a direct reflection of our diet. Our strength and conditioning is a reflection of activity level. However when one wants to get in shape we just expect our body to flip a switch and are most times greatly discouraged when our body fails us.

Experience teaches us that if we attempt multiple times to complete a task with the same result. Maybe it is time to look at the problem from a different point of view.

OFP knows the power of healthy nutrition combined with individually specific personal training and reducing toxic behaviors produces better results and is a permanent solution.

OFP Fitness Management programs are built around accountability, motivation and guidance. Combined with a personal training program customized by your needs and individual limitations.

Exercise compliance is not about the right diet, best exercise or right supplement. It is about maintaining and improving on the following:

Improving Emotional Health

Improving Sleep Habits

Reducing Toxic Behaviors

Improving Nutrition

Maintaining Exercise

We break it down like nobody else. Through a rigourous

assessment process we will find what is holding you back.

Find the solution not a quick fix and schedule a FREE discovery visit today!