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Alie has been involved in nutrition in one way or another since her early childhood. She recognized that food can change the way you live your life and set out on a lifelong journey to help heal others through the power of food. A graduate of The Ohio State University’s Dietetics Program, Alie has invested well over 10 years of education and real-world on-the-job experiences working with individuals who either are seeking a change to their diet, or are just at their limit and don’t know where else to go.

Aside from work with OFP’s finest, Alie also manages the Pediatric Wellness Center at Metro health, and puts her passion for healing the body into everything she does. She has an uncanny way of connecting with her patients to understand their needs, what works best for their lifestyle, and empowers individuals to make significant, and impactful changes to their lives.

Alie is extremely well rounded, having worked within a weight loss clinic helping to counsel individuals battling their inability to lead a healthy lifestyle, to working with families to help them better understand what it means to eat right. She has worked with patients battling illnesses such as MS, to children and adults with severe and even life threatening Food Allergies.

Alie has been married to her husband Jake for over 8 years, and together they live to see much of their lives through the eyes of their two beautiful children Cameron (5 yr.) and Penelope (1 yr.). Their son Cameron has a number of life threatening and server food allergies that has challenged their family, and yet has made them strong, and Alie a more passionate and driven dietician, dedicated to finding safe and healthy alternatives to the toxin riddled foods we are exposed to on a daily basis. Her quest to heal her son has led her to learning more about food then she ever would have thought, taking a completely holistic approach to healing, removing the toxins from our diets, and replacing them with replenishing, fueling food that will be sure to change your mind set about what you put into your body. She invest heavily in her personal health, advocating for the use of pro-biotics, supplements such as magnesium and fish oil, and uses essential oils regularly to help with sleep, aches and pains, and even illnesses with her children.

If you have reached a point in your life where you need to make a change, and add to the investment you have put into the fitness of your body, reach out to Alie and she would love to work with you to help make your picture whole, utilizing the strength and conditioning along with her eating suggestions will be sure to have a lasting impressions on your life that you will never forget.

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