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Barry Sheppard, IFPA cPT

OFP Fitness Coach Personal Training in Rocky River

IFPA  Strength Training Specialist 
IFPA  Women's Fitness Specialist
IFPA  Strength Ball Specialist
IFPA  PNF Stretching Specialist
IFPA  Tai Chi Specialist


General Conditioning

Weight Management

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Contact Information:

Phone: (440) 532-9222

Favorite Quote:

"Do or do not, there is no try" - Yoda


Born and raised in Southern California, Barry spent his childhood and much of his early adult life battling chronic asthma, preventing him from participating in any sports or intense exercise.

It wasn't until his early thirties when he found a medication that kept his asthma under control. Little by little, Barry broke through the barriers that limited him his entire life, and could finally focus on his physical health.

 Barry started working out as much as he could and reading everything he could get his hands on. His passion and drive was so contagious he inspired all of those around him and quickly became sought after for advice. Barry enjoyed helping others overcome obstacles that he dedicated his life to helping others.. In 2003, Barry left a career managing ice rinks and moved to Cleveland, becoming a personal trainer full time.

For over a decade, Barry has helped countless people of all backgrounds overcome their limitations and reach their fitness potential.