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Born and raised in North Olmsted, Andrew has become one of Cleveland’s premier personal trainers.

Andrew’s childhood embraced competition; regularly playing football, basketball, and tennis. However, he was undersized and constantly injured. When he was 21, Andrew entered a weight room for the first time. It was then that he witnessed the benefits of strength training. Playing tennis did not stop, but the injuries did. Andrew knew that if this worked for him, it can work for others, and he can be the one to help them.

 In 2006, Andrew made the decision to become a personal trainer. Though he faced an uphill battle, Andrew met his mentors Kim Brody and Joel Woods who instilled in him the desire to learn and drive to thrive.

 Andrew graduated from Bowling Green in 2010 with a Bachelors of Science in Human Development and is currently pursuing his MAT Specialist Certification (September 2016).

 Andrew has helped athletes ranging from high school to professional level excel in their respective sports and become champions.

Andrew is the voice for all people who were told they could not do something. His passion for the industry, desire to learn, and dedication to his clients is what fuels not only his success but his clients as well.

Andrew Walters, CSCS

OFP Strength Coach and Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist

in Rocky River


Bowling Green University: Bachelors of Science in Human Development (2010)

NSCA: CSCS (Strength & Conditioning) (2010)

Etcheberry Tennis Strength Coach (2008)

National PT Institute (2005)

Strength & Conditioning

Muscle Activation Techniques

MAT: Jumpstart 2012
MAT: Specialist (September 2016)

OFP Studio

Monday - Saturday

Contact Information:

Phone: (440) 669-0954


Favorite Quote:

"You are never as smart as you will be tomorrow" -Unknown